The Taiidan Republic Mod was a Homeworld 2 mod intending to add the Taiidan Republic, Taiidan Empire and Turanic Raiders to the game, with new units (mostly based on Concept arts) for the Vaygr and Hiigaran factions. Despite being very popular on both Relic Forums and it's own webpage, work on this mod was canceled without publishing any playable version.

The Taiidan Republic Mod was re-founded for Homeworld Remastered with the intention of reviving some of the ideas and concepts of the original mod. The HWRM mod made its first public release in August 2017.

Credits (original)Edit

  • kenahk (Director, Lead Designer, Story Concept)
  • Ishaar Niirfa (Manual and Story)
  • Enterprise-E (Art Director)
  • Riess (Artist)

Credits (HWRM)Edit

  • Dom2 (Lead, ship maker, scripter)
  • Talros (Ship models/textures)
  • Radar3301/ajlsunrise (Scripting and FX)

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